Senior Stylist / Senior Colourist
Originating from Brazil, Gilmar embarked on a remarkable journey in the beauty industry over two decades ago. With 22 years under his belt, he has cultivated a rich experience in hair design , traversing through France and Switzerland before establishing his roots in London. Gilmar is renowned for his skill in creating stunning Balayage, vibrant highlights, precise haircuts, and the transformative Brazilian Blow Dry. His approach to hair care is not just about the style but also about infusing positivity into every salon session.
Gilmar’s passion extends beyond hair. He is a connoisseur of positive energy, always aiming to uplift the mood of his clients with his warm and engaging personality. In his leisure time, Gilmar enjoys exploring the vibrant cultural scene of London, drawing inspiration from the city’s dynamic energy. His commitment to his craft and his clients has made him a cherished member of our team, bringing a touch of Brazilian flair and a lot of heart to every interaction.